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(eBook) (PDF) Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis, 3rd edition


Robert A. Stine, 
Dean Foster




Statistics for Business will teach you how to work with data to make sound business decisions. The text uses an application-based approach, with hints in every chapter on using Excel, Minitab Express, and JMP to successfully analyze data. You’ll learn how to apply a 4M Analytics decision making strategy — motivation, method, mechanics and message — to better understand how the context around a business decision motivates the statistical process and how the results inform a course of action.The 3rd Edition includes 90 new and updated data sets and more than 100 enhanced exercises. Examples and illustrations have been added to help you make connections between business and data. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions in every chapter to walk you through completing analytic exercises with the latest version of Excel.

Published by Pearson (January 25th 2021) – Copyright © 2018
ISBN-13: 9780137399727
Subject: Advanced Statistics
Category: Introduction to Business Statistics