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(eBook) (PDF) Society: The Basics, 15th edition


John J. Macionis




In Society: The Basics, author John Macionis empowers you to change the way you view the world by helping you see sociology in everyday life. Throughout this brief text, Macionis offers an enlightening and practical spin on the traditional three-perspectives approach, guiding you step by step through the theories and research that make up the discipline. By challenging the way you think about both your own life and society as a whole, Macionis helps you achieve a better understanding of the world we all share.The 15th Edition features recent examples and illustrations found in every chapter. Updates include an investigation of what the pandemic tell us about our culture from a sociological perspective.

Published by Pearson (May 10th 2021) – Copyright © 2019
ISBN-13: 9780137477296
Subject: Sociology
Category: Introduction to Sociology