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(eBook) (PDF) Principles of Classroom Management: A Professional Decision-Making Model, 8th edition


James Levin, 
James F. Nolan




Principles of Classroom Management examines the teacher’s role in creating positive learning environments that motivate students to behave productively and strive for academic success. Grounded in both theory and practice, it guides you in making decisions aimed at fostering a supportive classroom environment.

Published by Pearson (June 10th 2021) – Copyright © 2022
ISBN-13: 9780135224533
Subject: Educational Psychology
Category: Classroom Management

  • Iterative Case Study Analyses
  • Iterative Case Study: First Analysis
  • Section 1: Foundations
    1. The Basics
    2. Nature of the Discipline Problem
    3. Understanding Why Students Exhibit Misbehavior
    4. Developing Your Own Beliefs About Influencing Students
      • Iterative Case Study Analyses: Second Analysis
  • Section 2: Prevention
    1. Building Relationships
    2. Structuring the Environment
    3. The Professional Teacher
      • Iterative Case Study: Third Analysis
  • Section 3: Interventions for Common Behavior Problems
    1. Using Nonverbal Interventions to Influence Students to Behave Appropriately
    2. Using Verbal Interventions and Logical Consequences to Influence Students to Behave Appropriately
  • Section 4: Interventions for Chronic Behavior Problems
    1. Classroom Interventions for Working with Students Who Exhibit Chronic Behavior Problems
    2. Seeking Outside Assistance
      • Iterative Case Study: Fourth Analysis

Appendix A: Analysis Inventory of Teacher Behavior That Influences Appropriate Student Behavior

Appendix B: General Guidelines for Working with Students with Special Needs

Appendix C: Decisions and Tasks for Beginning the School Year