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(eBook) (PDF) Principles of Animal Physiology, 3rd edition


Christopher D. Moyes, 
Patricia M. Schulte




Hallmark features of this titleAn Emphasis on Animal Diversity and Evolution. We are strongly committed to the importance of teaching about the physiological diversity of animals, because we feel that this diversity is a fundamental property of the natural world. We also believe that books focusing only on humans can cause students to form the erroneous impression that physiological processes in humans are typical of those in all animals, and thus we provide diverse examples in their evolutionary context.Attention to the Integrative Nature of Animal Physiology. Throughout the book we emphasize the integrative nature of physiology in a number of ways. Each chapter begins with an opening essay that provides a short, engaging vignette that places the system under discussion into its environmental or evolutionary framework. Together, these features help to build student understanding of how physiological systems interrelate and depend on each other.Integration of Physiology with Cell and Molecular Biology. We divided this book into three main sections. In Part One, we provide an of the basic principles of animal physiology, identifying the common themes in the discipline and emphasizing the role of evolution in animal diversity.Integrated Treatment of Endocrine Regulation. The treatment of endocrine systems is one unique element in the book’s organization. Rather than relegating these systems to a single isolated chapter, we discuss endocrinology in the first part of the book in the context of the various means of cellular signaling and communication, and then integrate the presentation of its various physiological roles throughout the chapters in the second part of the book.

Published by Pearson (January 31st 2021) – Copyright © 2021
ISBN-13: 9780137335435
Subject: Anatomy & Physiology
Category: Human Physiology