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(eBook) (PDF) Modern Database Management, 13th edition


Jeff Hoffer, 
Ramesh Venkataraman, 
Heikki Topi




Modern Database Management is your comprehensive guide to the latest in database development. The text features topics critical for the practical success of database professionals. Hoffer provides opportunities to get hands-on with content noted by leading practitioners as essential to database development. With end-of-chapter problems and field exercises you’ll put concepts into action and solidify key learning.The 13th Edition reflects major trends in the field and the skills required of modern information systems graduates. You’ll get the latest insights on areas undergoing rapid change as a result of improved managerial practices, database design tools and methodologies, and database technology.

Published by Pearson (March 10th 2021) – Copyright © 2022
ISBN-13: 9780137305940
Subject: Management Information Systems
Category: Database Management