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(eBook) (PDF) Mechanical Vibrations, 6th edition


Singiresu S. Rao




Mechanical Vibrations introduces the theory, computational aspects and applications of vibration engineering in as simple a manner as possible. The inclusion of real-life applications, examples and problems related to vibration analysis fosters comprehension of key concepts.The 6th Edition has been updated to make the coverage of vibration more comprehensive and the presentation easier to follow. For example, a brief discussion of the anatomy of the human ear is presented with an explanation of how vibrations are converted into sound. A new section devoted to beams on elastic foundation features illustrative examples and problems, applicable to practical situations such as a railway track.

Published by Pearson (August 1st 2021) – Copyright © 2017
ISBN-13: 9780137515288
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Category: Vibration Analysis