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(eBook) (PDF) Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, The, Business School Edition, 5th edition


Frederic S Mishkin




The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets: Business School Edition builds a framework for understanding financial markets, tailored to meet your needs in business school. The text brings a fresh perspective to the major questions surrounding today’s financial policy. Influenced by his term as Governor of the Federal Reserve, Frederic Mishkin offers you his unique viewpoint. He brings informed insight into the monetary policy process, the regulation and supervision of the financial system, and the internationalization of financial markets. The 5th Edition consists of a unifying, analytic framework for learning. The text will provide you with core economic principles and real-world examples.

Published by Pearson (September 18th 2020) – Copyright © 2019
ISBN-13: 9780136879381
Subject: Economics
Category: Money & Banking